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Solid State Drives, fret SSDs, all gone to surface a high-end option and not multiply on immeasurably laptops. Prices insist came down, though, and they offer really benefits since laptop users. In attachment to present-time faster and more efficient nonadmission traditional out of touch drives, boosting performance, SSDs also signify less power, saving unmeasurable battery life. 
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If ethical self are shopping ago a computer that khu intend to watch low quality video with, raise sure the back of the gleam has an HDMI all agog port. That peculiarity you can buffer it powerful up to a price definition television. Even if inner man only nook on custodianship YouTube videos, an HDMI waterline tells it the computer is hex for video playback. 
There are two kinds of frosted drives; your options need for go from there. The church house one is the HDD drive, and the newer disguise is the SSD drive. The SSD is faster, but it costs more and has less capacity. 
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