require_once './config/config.php';
require_once 'includes/auth_validate.php';

//Get current page.
$page = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'page');
//Per page limit for pagination.
$pagelimit = 20;

$db = getDbInstance();
if (!$page) {
    $page = 1;

$db = getDbInstance();
// select the columns / ievadiit no kuraam kolonaam izvadiit datus
$select = array('i_name');
$select2 = array('id', 'gads', 'menesis', 's_energ', 'e_energ', 'udens_k', 'dgaze', 'ddegviela', 'malka', 'atkritumi');

//Start building query according to input parameters.

//Set pagination limit
$db->pageLimit = $pagelimit;

//Get result of the query.
$iestade = $db->arraybuilder()->paginate("iestade", $page, $select);
$energoresurs = $db->arraybuilder()->paginate("energoresurs", $page, $select2);
$total_pages = $db->totalPages;

// get columns for order filter
foreach ($energoresurs as $value) {
    foreach ($value as $col_name => $col_value) {
        $filter_options[$col_name] = $col_name;
    //execute only once
include_once 'includes/header.php';

<!--Main container start-->
<div id="page-wrapper">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-lg-6">
            <h1 class="page-header">Energoresursu pārvaldības panelis</h1>
    <?php include('./includes/flash_messages.php') ?>
    <!--    Begin filter section-->
    <div class="well  filter-form">
        <form class="form form-inline" action="">
             <label for ="input_order">Izvēlies iestādi</label>
            <select name="filter_col" class="form-control">
			 <?php //kods ?>

			<label for ="input_order">Izvēlies gadu</label>
            <select name="filter_col" class="form-control">
			<?php //kods ?>
			 <label for ="input_order">Izvēlies mēnesi</label>
            <select name="filter_col" class="form-control">
			<?php //kods ?>
			<input type="submit" value="Go" class="btn btn-primary">
		<table class="table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed">
                <th class="header">#</th>
                <th>Siltumenerģija (MWh)</th>
                <th>Elektroenerģija (KWh)</th>
				<th>Ūdens un kanalizācija (m3)</th>
				<th>Dabasgāze (m3)</th>
				<th>Dīzeļdegviela (l)</th>
				<th>Malka (ster)</th>
				<th>Atkritumi (m3)</th>
			<?php foreach ($energoresurs as $row) : //šeit man arī'vajadzētu ielikt mainīgo $iestade, bet pēc sintakses tas nebūtu pareizi?>
					<td><?php echo 					$row['id'] 		  ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['i_name'])	  ?></td>
	                <td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['gads'])	  ?></td>
	                <td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['menesis'])  ?></td>
	                <td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['s_energ'])  ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['e_energ'])  ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['udens_k'])  ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['dgaze'])    ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['ddegviela'])?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['malka'])	  ?></td>
					<td><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row['atkritumi'])?></td>
            <?php endforeach; ?>			
    <div class="text-center">

        if (!empty($_GET)) {
            $http_query = "?" . http_build_query($_GET);
        } else {
            $http_query = "?";
        if ($total_pages > 1) {
            echo '<ul class="pagination text-center">';
            for ($i = 1; $i <= $total_pages; $i++) {
                ($page == $i) ? $li_class = ' class="active"' : $li_class = "";
                echo '<li' . $li_class . '><a href="management.php' . $http_query . '&page=' . $i . '">' . $i . '</a></li>';
            echo '</ul></div>';

<!--Main container end-->

<?php include_once './includes/footer.php'; ?>

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